We help gas station owners increase fuel volumes and boost in-store sales.

How It Works

  • Consumer and business fleet drivers using our mobile app select your station, enter the Pump #, and then hit Pay Now to start fueling.
  • Our system sends your POS the fuel purchase information and delivers funds to your bank account the very next day.
  • Finally, you’ll only pay on fuel purchases we send your gas station, so you’ll pay nothing until we deliver results.

Features & Plans

Pay as you go

25¢Per Transaction

  • No Setup
  • No Maintenance
  • More Fuel Sales

Ancillary Services

Leverage our advertising to drive more sales to other services. Get in touch for details.

  • Car Wash Integration
  • Air & Vacuum Machine Integration

Accepted Payment Methods

ACH Direct Debit | 25¢ Per Transaction

We charge a flat rate commission each time a customer uses a bank account to pay for fuel. ACH Direct Debit allows for customers to pay directly with their bank account.

Credit & Debit Cards | Interchange + 25¢ Per Transaction

We charge a flat rate commission each time a customer uses a credit or debit card to pay for fuel. The fee is the same for all major cards Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and AMEX.

  • visa
  • mastercard
  • discover
  • american_express

Fleet Cards | Interchange + 25¢ Per Transaction

We charge a flat rate commission each time a business fleet customer uses a fleet card to pay for fuel at participating Exit 7C gas stations.

  • wex
  • voyager
  • fuelman


How It Works

  • Using our gas payment app consumers and business fleet drivers can locate our unmanned gas station alongside third party gas station partners.
  • Once at the station, drivers can use our gas payment app to turn on the pump or swipe their credit card and begin to fill up.
  • Once done our gas payment app users will be shown their saving and credit card customers will be shown saving if they had used our gas payment app.

Features & Plans


Contact Us

  • Triple Net Lease
  • Favorable Terms
  • Hassle Free

Custom Options

Need more specifics; partnerships, asset disposition. Get in touch for more details.

  • Multiple Locations
  • REIT Partnerships


Seamless Experience

In todays world drivers are always on the go! Our unmanned gas station experience allows for drivers to quickly pull up at a station, fuel up and get on their way without the headaches they might encounter at traditional gas stations.

Lower Operating Cost

By eliminating the traditional convenience store and the cost associated with operating them such as employees, theft, and inventory; we are able to cut expenses by nearly 55% while sacrificing just 20% of total annual revenues.

Higer Volumes

Because we are able to create a seamless experience, lower operating cost, and control payment transaction cost through our gas payment app; Exit 7C customers are able to enjoy the lowest priced fuel at our unmanned gas stations.

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