We define human progress by innovation that enriches all of humanity.

Exit 7C Inc. is a online mobile marketplace for fuel, auto care and insurance.

We believe that reinventing the way people service their vehicles represents our company’s greatest opportunity to improve a users’ life.

Our products ensure that vehicles are always prepared for any task. Whether its an employee driving to work in order to provide a living for their family or fueling the trucks that delivery freight to power our economy. Our goal is to provide a secure and time saving process at the tap of a button.

Blessing K. Egbon


In early 2015, one of Blessing’s gas station in North Carolina became the victim of a credit card skimming fraud. Like many other gas station owners, he was unable to upgrade to a more secure payment system due to cost so he started Exit 7C to fix this problem for all fuel station owners.

Prior to that, he successfully exited two technology companies in the government and food services industries. Through his family, Blessing brings over 20 years of experience from the gas station business.

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